What we do 

We deliver renewable projects from  identification to implementation.

Some of our services are:


  • Project Identification


  • Feasibility projections


  • Funding requirements (CAPEX, OPEX, O&M)


  • Long term land lease/concessions or outright purchases


  • Developing idea projects


  • Permitting requirements, regulation and legislation


  • Power purchasing agreements (PPA’s)

Every project can be great on paper, but only few stay great once implemented.

We focus on developing solar projects in Croatia, Central and Eastern Europe.

We are your partners in planning, developing and creating the strategic vision for your business, identifying the best projects which will grow into successful businesses, embracing sustainability as a central driver to future success.


Given the rapid change of technologies alongside shifting customer expectations in what is likely to be a highly competitive future landscape, we use extensive projections and data analysis in order to provide and design forecasts which will help our clients stay competitive in today’s evolving economy.


From this basis, we seek to understand future markets and revenue opportunities and new ways to generate cost savings in order to give our clients a long-term, sustainable and competitive advantage.


Acamar's team works closely with partners to execute their projects.

We help clients set up the appropriate technologies, processes, operating structures and internal capabilities required to be successful in the implementation, operation and maintenance of the project.


Finally, we have broad experience in structuring and originating long term power purchasing agreements (PPA’s) with industrial and corporate customers both domestically and internationally.

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